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Jinbei Outdoor Flash Lights, Rising Stars in Photokina


Photokina, the leading photographic industry exhibition holding twice a year in Germany, has been the biggest fair for consumers and professionals allover the world. 

Our products with "JINBEI" and "CALER" brand have surprised the world on the show. The Chinese made products proved to be smart technology, high quality and cost effective. TR-Q6 APP blue tooth trigger, HD-610 HSS TTL battery monolight, MSN extremely quick recycling studio flash, MARS-3 battery belt pack were highly approved by professional distributors and photographers during the show.

Matthias Schwaighofer, the famous Austrian photographer, joined the show with us. He showed excitedly to the visiters how the HD-610 has achieved 20 continuous frames per second, 1 / 8000s high-speed sync, and a flexible combination with deep softbox and focus umbrella.
Lectures by professional photographers have been offered during the Photokina, we are so happy and proud to see our booth filled with people in every corner.
The well-known German photographer Ms. Nina Schnitzenbaumer show her knowledge about how to use EF-200 LED Sun light in portrait photography and videos. She broke the cliché that LED can only be flat light and creat rich layers of light and shadow by our light.
HD-610 TTL HSS Battery Monolight
· Fast
- 1/8000s HSS and 1/19000s flash duration (t0.5) supporting 20 frames per second speed continuous shooting
· Precise
- 600 Ws powerful output can be minimized to 1/256 with constant color temperature.
- compatible with Canon / Nikon TTL USB, firmware update available.
· Flexible
- built-in wireless receiver, Max. 300m trigger range, 16 Channels & 6 Groups
· Reliable
- 6000mAh big lithium battery, 450 flashes in full power output
· Humanized
- 20W LED can be adjusted independently or proportionly
TTL, HSS transceivers highly compatible with Canon / Nikon cameras.
Universal mount, lots of light shapers and portable stands for option.