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Jinbei Journey in Germany


Jinbei delegation visiting FOTO-MORGEN in Dusseldorf, Germany

FOTO-MORGEN is one of Jinbei's top distributors in the world and our reliable strategy partner in Europe. Their solid experience and widely distributed network in the photographic equipment industry brings powerful support to Jinbei.
FOTO-MORGEN has set up an experience center in Germany with a 1000 square meter workshop. There are 6 different shooting scenarios presenting commercial, retro, waterfall, high fashion and other innovative photography.
The end-users can easily book the JINBEI flash light equipment on-line with reserved date, and go to the experience center for trying with advice from professional photographers.
After visiting the experience center, JINBEI crew came to the warehouse of FOTO-MORGEN.
All the products are well labelled and dry kept under settled temperature. The effient computer management ensures the safety, timing and accurcy of the delivery.