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MSN TTL Super Speed Studio Flash

HSS 1/8000s &1/19000s Flash Duration(t=0.5)
Super Fast Recycle Time (1s in Full Power Output)
Up to 20 Frames/second Continuous Shooting
1/1-1/256 Precise Power Output
800Ws Powerful Output with Constant Color Temperature
20W LED Modeling Lamp 
110V-240V Wide Power Supply
Built-in 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver of Trigger

Products Recommended

  • HD-230
    Total Length up to 2.3 Meters
    Professional Photographic Material
    Light Weight and Easy to Use
  • HD 610

    Compatible with Canon/Nikon TTL USB firmware update available.

    1/8000s High Speed Sync and 1/19000s Flash duration (t0.5) supporting 20 frames per seconed high-speed continuous shooting.

    600Ws powerful output can be minimized to 1/256 with constant color temperature.

    Built-in wireless receiver,MAX.300m trigger range,16 channels & 6 groups.

    6000mAh big lithium battery, 450 flashes in  full power output.

  • Φ70/Φ90/Φ120
    Fast Set Up, Umbrella Folding Construction
    Double Diffusers(Perfect Soft Diffusion)
    High Quality & Fashion Design
    JINBEI Standard Adapter
    Wider Edge Impedes Light Leak
    Optional Specific Grid
    16 Anodized Rods